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Your Trusted Sewage Restoration Professionals

Sewage backup can disrupt your daily activities. Because it is contaminated, it can force you to leave your home or office immediately. In case this happens to your property, get in touch with us at Water & Mold Cleanup in Marion, Illinois.

You can count on us to provide immediate relief. Our team will travel to your premises as soon as possible, wearing personal protective equipment. We’ll use state-of-the-art tools to deep clean your property and restore it to its pre-damaged state.

Experience You Can Trust

Our team consists of compassionate professionals who are highly trained and experienced. We are more than capable of providing outstanding sewage backup services.


Leave the Work to the Experts

We do not recommend cleaning up the sewage backup or black water on your own. The water from sewage contains many viruses, microbes, pathogens, and bacteria. You expose yourself to severe illnesses if you handle sewage water without protective gear.

Leave the job to our trained professionals. We have the equipment needed to handle critical sewage cleanup tasks quickly. Whatever the situation may be, you can expect us to make the entire process as stress-free for you as possible.

Common Sewage Blockage Causes

  • Grease Buildup
  • Items Flushed Down the Drain
  • Misaligned Joints
  • Pipe Bursts
  • Root Infiltration
  • Soil Settlement

Our Process

We follow a comprehensive sewage cleanup process. Our team uses cutting-edge equipment to pump out sewage water. We then remove contaminated carpets, flooring, and furnishings to limit the risk of further contamination.

In order to ventilate your property and dry the area quickly, we use professional-grade air scrubbers and movers. These steps are necessary to prevent the spread of microbes that can lead to disease.


Mold Remediation

After disinfecting your property, we’ll then search for any sign of mold. Mold can grow within 42 hours of water damage, so checking for mold and removing it is essential before it becomes a health hazard.

Repair and Restoration

We’ll also work to restore your property to its condition before the sewage backup situation.

Reach Out to Us

Contact us to inquire about our services or request immediate assistance. We’ll be more than happy to help you.